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Shopping Center Anthropology: Cultural learnings at the #Gamestop midnight release thing for #halo4


  • Gamers* will put a video game on layaway months before the release of the game. Halo 4 runs about $60. The limited edition — which some people apparently cannot live without — sells for about $100. 
  • Gamers are concerned with buying a game early so they can earn “preorder bonuses.” Bonuses are things like weapons, armor, outfits, keys, codes, goblin-helpers, maps, gnarks, smurfs, Pokeballs, druggats, etc., that players can use in their games. 
  • GameStop employees apparently wear whatever the fuck they want to work. Fuck name tags too. 

*persons, primarily male, in their teens and early-to-mid-20s. 



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