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Proof that #Proof of Heaven may in fact be the work of a deluded genius with a history of manipulating facts

It’s strange that this week, I’ve heard more about a #Sharknado (whatever the hell that is — I honestly still don’t know) than about the story of Dr. Eben Alexander, the author of #Proof of Heaven. With a neurosugeon’s precision and care, Luke Dittrich has done a phenomenal job of debunking Alexander’s story for #Esquire. Here’s what Editor-in-Chief David Granger had to say about it. You can click his quote to read the story.

Dr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife has sold nearly two million copies and remained on best-seller lists for over 35 weeks. But a months-long investigation of Dr. Alexander’s past and some of the book’s claims reveals a series of factual omissions and inconsistencies that call significant parts of Dr. Alexander’s story into question. Before he was a celebrated “man of science” who visited the afterlife, Dr. Alexander was something else: a neurosurgeon with a troubled history and a man in need of reinvention.

This is the first time we’ve asked online readers to pay for a story, but for good reason: Because stories like Dittrich’s matter and they don’t come along often. Because great journalism—and the months that go into creating it—isn’t free. So, besides providing the story to readers of our print and digital-tablet versions of the August issue, we are offering it to online readers as a stand-alone purchase. Thank you. —DG



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The next Hip-Hop earbug… (earworm? earwig?)

This is “Collard Greens” by Schoolboy Q, a vulgarity-laden playful summertime rap with a hypnotic flow and and a groove that might make you feel stoned even if the closest you’ve ever come to Herb was when Burger King asked you to look out for this guy …burger_king_herb

Thanks to NPR’s All Songs Considered for turning me on to this one (and several others)

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Pope Francis is cool

He has said that he believes priests should be “shepherds with the smell of the sheep” and he is living that way. He has, pointedly, not moved into the papal apartments, remaining at a cheap hotel where reportedly he eats breakfast with ordinary people. He refuses to take the papal limousine, traveling by minibus instead. More significantly, on Good Friday this year, Pope Francis became the first Pope in history to wash the feet of a woman. Not only did he wash the feet of a woman, but that woman was a Muslim. Not only was she a Muslim woman, she was a female inmate at a local prison. He has become famous in Rome as the “chatty” Pope, stopping to embrace children with disabilities. Recently after a kid with Down’s syndrome pointed to the Popemobile, Francis gave him a free ride around Saint Peter’s Square. He has a sense of humor, too. He’s been known to give blessings to groups of Harley Davidson bikers.

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So I crapped a bit on my Catholic church yesterday while explaining sainthood to my buddy Steve McQuilkin. Here, Stephen Marche helps me redeem myself with a quote from his piece about what makes Pope Francis so cool. Read the whole article here:
Read more: Pope Francis Awesome – Pope Francis Is Kind of Great – Esquire


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